Founded in 2012 by a team of African innovators, we promote access to I.C.T services.

Offering the society with access to all I.C.T related products at a giveaway price

I.T Consultancy

Our Services

Systems Development

We are your answer to all your software related problems. Our focus on the development of application software. These include Point of Sale software, hospital managements,  school management systems for computers and mobile views.

Hardware Design

It is our resale shop where we do computer sales, repair and maintain, computer servicing and software installations. Here we also do computer accessories sales and replacement.

Website Development

We design and develop modern websites using Frameworks and C.M.Ss.

Business Design Innovations Consultancy

Entrepreneurship Design Consultancy

Our Website Packages


$ 174.99


$ 452.99


$ 782.99

Buy A Product Or Pay For A Service From Novus Terra, Sponsor Another Person By Empowering Them With I.C.T Related Skills. Enlighten Their Future; Take Action Today. Now Is The Time To Help.

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